Merchant OrderForm v2.4 Error - TroubleShooting Mode

POST is not from an Allowed Domain

You have enabled the ALLOWED_DOMAINS setting in MOF's Front End Configuration file [mof.conf], however, the page that is attempting to POST to the cart is not listed in the Allowed Domains list.

Solution: Adjust the ALLOWED_DOMAINS setting to include all domains you will allow to POST to the cart.

Documentation Configurations1.html, How to allow only your domain to use the scripts.

CAUTION: We recommend that you do not disable the ALLOWED_DOMAINS feature. You should be aware of the possible tampering with prices, etc. that can occur if you disable these safeguards. See the MOFcart support notes for more information on this security issue.

Note: The only way you can make a direct call to this script is if you specify ?test mode. Any other use of this script must have been submitted by an appropriate product page or dynamic page produced by this script, and not entered as a direct url from your browser. If you are getting this errror, and sure all settings are correct, then you may have one of these problems:

  • Your site's cgi environment has HTTP_REFERER disabled
  • Your site is behind a firewall (cgi environment HTTP_REFERER not available)
  • You have the Edit Cart button enabled on Back End with SSL
  • Information Available
  • Local Time: Friday, April 19, 2024 18:53:02
  • GMT Time: Fri, 19-Apr-2024 22:53:02 GMT
  • Referring URL: Possible direct call to script
  • Server Name:
  • Server Protocol: HTTP/1.1
  • Server Software: Apache/2
  • Gateway: CGI/1.1
  • Remote Addr:

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